About Boris, Our Founder

About Mediam Rare

At Mediam Rare, we create inspiring visual statements that stand out, make a difference, create a reaction and instigate change. We believe that at the heart of every project is a compelling story, and we make it our mission to communicate that story through our work.

We’re driven by a desire to produce work that encourages us to think about things differently, take risks and push the limits.  By accepting new challenges and stepping outside of our comfort zone, we’re forced to grow our own creativity and life experience.

We enjoy getting to know our clients, learning about how they think and how they express themselves. We also love the brainstorming process and pitching our creative direction.  As a full-service creative agency with a focus on video, branding and photography, we have an extensive network of creatives to suit a wide variety of project requirements.

Each project, each client, represents a new opportunity to explore and expand our consciousness and to learn from others.  We believe that life is creativity; like life, it is constantly changing, evolving, growing and is never static.  It’s an exciting journey that’s rich and diverse—and we’re here for the ride!